Evidence shows that specific practices in medical care settings can significantly affect rates of breastfeeding initiation and duration among women. Birth facility policies and practices that create a supportive environment for breastfeeding begin prenatally and continue through discharge. The mPINC survey measures infant feeding related policies and practices, showing facilities their strengths and areas that need improvement. 

The National Breastfeeding Center will guide your facility to improve mPinc scores through practice management and evidence based practice changes that your staff adopt through meaningful interactions with your hospital team leadership and policy change.

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Consulting services 



  • Assess the number of newborns currently being seen at your practice and determine potential demand for services.
  • Assess the market in your geographic region and create a report detailing population growth, birth rates, support resources and Baby-Friendly Facilities in your state.
  • Assess any competition for services within a reasonable radius of your location. 



  • Facebook Content: If you already have a Facebook page, NBfC will provide continuous and regular content , for 1 year, specific to your program level to add to your posts, or NBfC can add content to your page directly for you,if you prefer (requires admin privileges for NBfC staff). 
  • If you do not currently have a page, we can create one for you for a nominal additional charge. 



  • Access to the article “Breastfeeding - So Easy Even a Doctor Can Support It”.
  • Access  to video demonstrating Dr. Todd Wolynn’s empowering ‘5-minute Breastfeeding Consult’ for parents and healthcare professionals.
  • Practice-branded handouts for new breastfeeding Moms.
  • Practice-branded handouts for ‘back-to-work’ Moms needing support in making that transition
  • Assistance with creating basic in-house programs and support services to meet patients needs.
  • Coding & Billing Support: NBfC will train you on the appropriate levels of service and subsequent coding for submission to insurance companies.
  • Scheduling assistance: to help your practice determine the best times and days to perform these services.
  • Program development: NBfC staff will help you develop programs, such as in-house services, follow-up calls, group education, etc.
  • Site visit* to our affiliate, The Breastfeeding Center of Pittsburgh, to see first-hand how these services can be delivered in conjunction with your practice, efficiently and profitably. (* Expenses not included.)



NBfC can connect you with International Board Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLCs) in your area, which can be utilized to expand your services and / or to provide additional support to breastfeeding mothers.  We can also screen and recommend International Board Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLCs) based on how well they may fit with your practice, and assist you with the hiring process, including providing Employment and/or Independent Contractor Agreements templates.



Through an exclusive arrangement with Limerick Inc, makers of the PJ’s Comfort Pump, NBfC brings you the best pricing on pumps for your patients.  Either purchase the pumps and sell to your patients, or rent these hospital-grade, re-usable machines to breastfeeding mothers. NBfC provides you with a complete rental ‘package’ including optimal pricing, rental agreements and best practices.


You will also receive the best pricing on peripherals for these machines when purchased through the NBfC.


NBfC will also assist you with obtaining samples and Breastfeeding Starter Kits (which typically include such items as a manual sterile breast pump, reusable cotton breast pads, sample nipple cream, etc.) that you can sell to your patients, or provide as part of your practice’s program.



Access to NBfC's online database of  insurance companies’ medical and payment policies, providing easy look up of information on BF services and equipment coverage.