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Consulting services 


Our Programs include:

  • Identifying needs and setting up a workplace policy and program
  • Identifying space and setting up a privacy room, including cold storage
  • Communicating the program to employees (through traditional and social media)
  • Providing breastfeeding education and support for returning employees
  • Measuring success and employee satisfaction
  • In-house and / or on-demand presentations with pediatricians and lactation consultants+ Equipment and support in the use of portable and hospital-grade pumps
  • Assistance with health benefit design and insurance negotiations 



​Our pediatricians and lactation consultants are educators and frequent public speakers.

We provide presentations in-house, online or on-demand, as well as provide individualized coaching services.

Expanding your program to include parenting themes along with breastfeeding concerns can greatly enhance the reach of your corporate programs and can improve the return-on-investment for those programs quickly.

Topics include:

  • Breastfeeding basics: what to expect, resources to use and how to use a pump
  • Back to work: insights, tips and strategies for balancing the demands of work and baby
  • Parenting: a variety of presentations based on age group and / or condition 

Through an exclusive arrangement with LIMERICK INC, we bring our corporate clients the best pricing for the best grade pumps for your employees.

 It really can make a difference to add the RIGHT equipment to your programs.

Section 4207 of the PPACA (29 U.S.C. § 207®(1)-(4) is the federal mandate requiring that ALL employers provide reasonable break time and a private place (other than a bathroom) for nursing mothers to express breast milk.

The experts at NBfC will help you implement an employee breastfeeding program, from policy creation through implementation.

​Whether you are struggling with how to comply with the Federal mandate for supporting breastfeeding Moms in the workplace, or you want to move beyond policies to employee education and support, NBfC has the solutions you need.


EDUCATION /  presentation


“Providing breastfeeding support has a positive business impact at PNC through an increase in prospective qualified applicants, employee productivity, retention and reduced absenteeism. It also is simply the right thing to do. From corporate policies to administration by managers,  PNC’s culture advocates for and  accommodates a working mother’s need for a lactation room.”

​Andria Jones, HR Consultant II, Workplace Solutions, PNC

Combining the best pump and equipment with remote lactation consultants available 24 / 7, as well as offering employees in-home and local practice access to in-person consults, NBfC connects all the pieces and designs the right program for your company, scaled to fit your budget and long range goals.