In order to qualify for consideration, there are three basic criteria that your practice must first have in place. 


First, your practice must offer comprehensive lactation consultation services. Specifically that means that you must have at least one member of your team that is a trained lactation consultant actively providing services to your patients, and that your providers have been trained on breastfeeding basics and refer patients to the lactation consultant when further assistance is needed. 


Second, your practice must be WHO compliant with regard to not distributing formula to patients. Every effort must be made to be as breastfeeding-friendly as possible. 


​Third, your practice must be providing breastfeeding support for at least 12 months and either be providing or have the ability to provide patient education on breastfeeding in the form of classes or presentations. 


Provided your practice meets these basic criteria, you are eligible to complete and submit an application for NBfC’s consideration for endorsement. If your practice meets the screening requirements in that application, then the next step is an onsite visit by an NBfC consultant to further determine your practice's breastfeeding service capabilities. 


​During the onsite visit, our consultants will interview key staff members, review your coding, billing and documentation processes for accuracy and correctness, evaluate your physical space and clinical protocols and discuss what procedures are in place for on-going training and / or maintenance of credentials. 


​Our goal is to help you reach the standards set in the program, so this process is very collegial and educational for both our organization and yours. If the onsite evaluation is successful and your practice is accepted into the program, the last step in the endorsement process is for your practice to sign the Endorsed Practice Acceptance Statement. This establishes your agreement to continue to provide a comprehensive, evidenced‐based level of service and quality. The Statement also identifies permitted uses of your name in NBfC’s listings, efforts to promote your practice to employers and permitted uses of the NBfC Endorsement Seal in your promotional activities.


855-777-6232 (NBFC)


Consulting services 

  • NEPA Breastfeeding Center, Kingston, PA (read the press release)
  • The Lehigh Valley Breastfeeding Center, Allentown, PA (read the press release)
  • The Lactation Center of Lancaster County at Eden Park Pediatrics, PA (Read the press release)
  • The Breastfeeding Center of Pittsburgh, PA (Read the press release)
  • The Breastfeeding Center of Greenville at Parkside Pediatrics (Read the press release)​  

Meet Some Of Our Endorsed Practices


The National Breastfeeding Center recognizes certain practices for their ability to meet high standards of care and competency in providing breastfeeding services. This recognition is based on adherence to best practices, on collective expertise at the practice, and delivery of excellent customer service. 

Further, the program is designed to recognize those practices that have the ability to support community and employer programs, expanding their reach beyond the practice walls. Benefits The primary benefits of endorsement to your practice are three-fold: 

  1. Being recognized and having the ability to use the NBfC Endorsement Seal sets you apart from your competition and represents to patients that they can expect the best care from your practice. Additionally, endorsed centers are provided ongoing social media content, program designs, and patient education materials that further support your practice’s ability to deliver high quality lactation services.
  2. Once recognized, your practice becomes a ‘preferred center’ for providing lactation services to employer groups through their Workplace Lactation Programs. NBfC actively promotes endorsed centers to regional and national employers, thus providing our centers with additional revenue streams and furthering the reach of your practice’s patient base.
  3. You will also have access to the very best pricing for the breast pump and equipment that we endorse, Limerick's PJ Comfort Pump, along with a full rental program that includes best practices, promotional information and rental agreements and other components needed to run a pump rental (or sales) line of business successfully.